Thursday, September 03, 2009

Still remembering the Sock Summit

Tina Newton with her camera taking pictures often. I wonder where all those pictures are? Tina if you read this we want to see your pictures! (please)

Here I am holding my socks I knit for the Sock Museum. Oh yes there was a sock museum!

Stephanie and Tina quite the comedy team.

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Meg Swansen, Barbara Walker, Tina Newton.

I just found this radio clip interview about the Sock Summit organizers Tina Newton, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Cat Bordhi. Cat is described as one of the rock stars of knitting. Cat is talking about her enthusiastic description of sock knitting. Here is Cat knitting with her friend Clara Parks (Knitter's Review).

So fun to listen to, I'm just hanging on to a little bit more of the memory of the fun time we had. Next month I will be going up to the San Juan Islands to visit Cat and spend a week with her knitting. My idea of a fun vacation.

My friend Joan checking out the sock museum.

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