Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Soft as angel's hair 100% silk

At the Sock Summit 2009, Portland, Oregon Jennie the Potter chatting it up with Heather Ordover, Jennie was very pregnant and full of smiles. I am so happy to see both of them and to see that Jennie is going to have a little one was wonderful news. I first met Jennie and her mom on the SeaSock's Cruise to Alaska. I ran into so many people I met on the cruises it was such a surprise. I think I counted 20 people I knew from SeaSocks and each time I'd see somebody they would say "have you seen so and so she's here too".

Jennie came on the cruise with her mom Lucinda who had a broken ankle and was in a wheel chair. What impressed me so much is how Jennie treated her mom. She was gentle patient and with so much love it brings joy to my heart each time I think of it. Jennie never left her mom's side and made sure that her mom had a good time and was able to get around, oh I wish I had a daughter.

Jennie had her booth and I expected the lovely "functional ceramics" that she makes but had no idea that she also dyed yarn. Not just ordinary yarn but this beautiful 100% silk. I have now misplaced the label but I think it had about 1,200 yards. I love the color and the sheen, oh and not to forget the soft and light weight of this yarn, so I decided to crochet a shawl. Just a triangle plain lacey shawl. I love this yarn.

PS. I just read Jennie's blog that her baby was born today! It's a girl! 7pounds 7 oz. Delivered at 6:12 this morning. 9/9/09!

Happy Birthday baby Lanners!

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