Wednesday, January 23, 2008

From Luxe to Leia

It started out as impulse purchase online. Ok I woke up in the middle of the night and was wide awake, what to do so I went shopping online. It looked really good at 3am and what a deal it came in as a kit. And I could just download the pattern, instant gratification that's always a good thing, so I went click and in a couple of days I got the yarn. So far so good.
Cable Luxe Tunic was on it's way.

The first part the pattern calls for is the cable around the shoulders. So I figured that maybe this will be like a top down sweater except with a lot of cables. So I got my stitch markers and my cable needle and I knit and knit and it was kind of fun and finished this round thing of cables. Well that is as far as I got, the picking up stitches the counting out the cables the pattern I got overwhelmed.

I changed my mind but I have all this yarn and the cable looks good so I was sorting through my magazines and I see this cover it kind of reminded me of the "Paprika" freeform vest I made a while back.

I started to knit but realized that if I wear this cable creation it will make me look like the a bubble. So it became a hat.

Meet Princess Leia

a few more finishing touches and a hat is born. The rest of the yarn well it's waiting for another brain storm.

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Craftybernie said...

Hiya AnaBanana!!!

That grey cabled jumper is something else and I had wondered if it was a top down number. The cables look so involved and positively terrifying.

I do love your red freeform vest - it's pretty cool and looks very 'Vogue'.

Congratulations on 'Leia'. The new twist on cables looks like a bit of a task to keep track of. At least you've got a relatively nice hat out of the experience.

Hope you're keeping well!!

Take care