Friday, June 30, 2006

My purple Hair?

As much as I have enjoyed my purple hair, I've had to change it. It all started with my new car. If you want to read that story it's on my other blog:

What I did not expect is that purple hair is a "crazy" magnet. If there was a crazy person in a mile radious of me they bee-lined it right over to me and just started talking. The purple hair seemed to give people a license just to start talking to me. But I really got a lot of compliments though.

So after having my hair purple for a couple of years I have decided to go back to a more normal hair color. What I affectionately call the "skunk" look. Light Blond in the front and dark in the back. I have discovered that my hair is naturally two tone. Gray white in the front and very dark brown in the back. So I call it the "skunk" look. So I simply "enhanced" the look.

My girlfriend Brandi says "enhanced" ??? You dyed your hair! Ok I bleached it a little.


Ellen Bloom said...

The Banana jacket looks great! The colors kind of go with your new "skunk" hair! I like both! Your hair has that "Prada" look...very stylish!

Anonymous said...

How do you find the hanne falkenberg patterns? I went to the website but was baffled.