Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm on a "fair isle" roll

I've finished the hat and LOVED knitting fair isle but.... a bit more practice is needed. I've been searching for a good chart, one that fit my specifications. As usual I needed to make modifications to suit my style of knitting. Took out the old pencil and paper and designed my own. Wish me luck.

Cast on and fingers crossed (figuratively because if I cross my fingers I can't knit). I'm hoping this does not turn into a hat. Lately I've been making a lot of hats I'm not sure why but I love making hats. Here is my progress so far and it's starting to look suspiciously like a hat.

Knitting the back of what I thought would be a vest, in the round and will be steeked (cut) to make a flat piece. But when my DH saw me knitting he asked if I was making another hat? And he put it on his head and it really did look like a hat. But NO it's a vest!


Angela said...

Love it! You always amaze! I miss knitting--all this dyeing is keeping me from my needles.

Marla said...

With every project you amaze me. You are very creative and arty and talented and fun.