Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Summer Knitting part "deux"... will it wash well?

I'm always hesitant laundering a knitted garment, I never know how it's going to hold it's shape and drape and over all look. Will it come out looking like a dishrag or will it be as "good as new"?

After spending $80 dollars on the yarn and all that work what will happen when I wash it? Should I take it to the dry cleaners? Oh no not the "dry" cleaners! That just means a lot of chemicals and now a days $..... I think last time I had something at the dry cleaners it cost me $7 dollars and quite frankly I was not crazy about the way they "pressed" it. The cleaners I go to is very very good, I've tested them out over the years so it's not them it's just that a knitted garment is a delicate operation to clean.

So it's always with trepidation when it comes to washing a knitted project for the first time. Because I've been wearing "Marsh" almost every day for about a week it was time for a bath. Mind you some days I only wore it a couple of hours and some days even less I did not feel it was all that dirty but I just did not want to start smelling like some of the people wondering around here in Venice. But I digress.

Because I work at home and often in my pajamas I only get "dressed" when I have to leave the house and I confess I sometimes go out in my pajamas but around here nobody knows the difference. Some days I take a shower and put on a clean pair of pajamas à la Hugh Hefner, pajamas are the most comfy wear for me and yes right now as I write this I am in my pajamas. But again I digress, back to the big test will it wash or not?

I'm using cold water and "Eucolan" soap. It is recommended for all natural fibers, according to their label and I've had good success with it before. I rinse it out some of the time depending on the garment oh yes sometimes I do not rinse!
Saves time and labor. Just soak your wool garment and squeeze out the moisture; no need to rinse or use a softener. Recommended for all natural fibers, cotton baby diapers and for laundering sheep skins. Contains fiber-restoring lanolin and moth-inhibiting eucalyptus or lavender scent. Try it - you will not want to use anything else. Available in Eucalyptus and Lavender.

Oh the water is starting to turn dark! Not a good sign! No I was not gardening or digging ditches it must be the dye coming out. Oh I just hope this works I love this top and if it does not wash well all that expense and work out the window. I let it soak then give it a rinse till the water is clear and carefully squeeze out the water and wrap it up in a towel as if it was a baby.

Then I laid it out flat and crossed my fingers. And ..... Wait.... it's a nice summer day and it dried in a few hours.

Yes! It passed the test the top is as good as new! The color looks the same the shine is there and the drape is actually a bit better. So success!

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